THOR M 2 Laser Pointer

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Thor M Laser, the first 1w+ output laser you should have.

Shape of laser dot:

When you zoom in the spot, you will find it's a rectangle spot but not a round one as we expect. It's normal, it's the exact shape of the laser diode. So please don't worry about it.

Package include:

1 x Thor M II Blue laser

5 x Star caps


1. The laser will not come with label. If customers don't have  a LPM, the most easy way to tell 1.6w apart from 3w version is by this:

2. 3w version will have a delay when you turn it on. and 1.6w version will turn on immediately.

Batteries are NOT included, because of the strict shipping policy. You need 2* 16340 batteries.


Technical Specs 

Name Thor M 2
Size 21*3*3 cm
Laser Type Direct Diode
Wavelength 450nm blue
Laser Body Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
Laser Finish Black
Beam Divergence 3.6 mRad
Beam Diameter 4mm At Aperture, <20mm at 10 meters
Modes Single On/Off Mode
Power Supply 2*16340 (3.7V each) Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery (NOT provide)
Weight 0.2kg



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