RGB 7 Colors White Laser Pointer

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This is the newest RGB laser pointer. It can emit 7 colors:

1. RGB (white),

2. RG,

3. RB,

4. GB,

5. R,

6. G,

7. B


by 3 modes:

1. Default White laser,

2. automatic 7-color laser cycle mode (Gradient / Flashing)

3. manual 7-color laser cycle mode.

1.Technical parameters:

Laser wavelength: 450nm   520nm  650nm

Output power: 350mw (450nm: 100mw / 520nm: 100mw / 650nm: 150mw)

Spot shape: dots

Beam diameter 5MM

Working current:  600mA

Working voltage: DC=7.4V  

Power supply mode :    ICR26650 (Batteries are not included)

2.Use Method :

1. Put 3.7v batteries positive inward ( as shown in the draft) and open the safety switch of the back cover:  the indicator light 1 shown bright red;

2. Switch 1 is on and off  the laser mode:

3. Switch 2 is manual 7-color laser cycle mode:

4. Switch 3 is an automatic 7-color laser cycle mode:

5. This product is not waterproof (please Avoid water)

6.It is recommended that continuous use should not exceed 300 seconds. 


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