USB Rechargeable Gatling Series Laser Pointer

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This is an upgrade version for Gatling laser. It has a built in battery, and the most interesting thing is, you can use this laser as a power bank, to charge your smart phone.

Package include:

1 x Rechargeable Gatling laser

Technical Specs

Name USB Rechargeable Gatling Series
Size 14.5*4*4 cm
Laser Type Direct Diode
Wavelength 450nm blue
Beam Divergence 3.6mRad
Beam Diameter At Aperture 4mm At Aperture
<20mm at 10 meters
Laser Body Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
Laser Finish Silver
Modes Single On/Off Continuous Mode
Power Supply Built in Rechargeable Battery
Working Voltage 3.7V
Weight 0.25kg

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