Sanwu CHALLENGER II Laser Pointer

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Source directly from Sanwu Laser Factory.

Free Batteries, Charger, and Goggles.



Product Code:MODULE(CII)
Product Condition:New
Challenger II - the level up version of challenger

Starting off with larger copper housing and a substantial copper heatsink which allows the challenger II to handle powerful laser diodes up to 3W(3000mw).

Challenger II requires two 18350 li-ion rechargeable batteries to run and it promises a solid running time because of higher capacity: three times higher than the challenger series

The Challenger II gives the users a very solid feeling when in use, a golden size for a handheld laser device.
Product Spec:


Nickel copper alloy, 24*140mm with 30mm copper heatsink


Two button top 18350 li-ion batteries(included), negative casing

Duty cycle

405nm (60 seconds on & off), Others (Unlimited)


One year


Operation modes & Safety lock 

Single mode
On / off

Multi operations mode
Low power, half power, strobe, full power, sos and safety lock(<1mw)

Half-tap the tail switch to cycle between each mode, our driver will always starting with the last operation mode that used for more than three seconds

Electronic lock
To prevent unauthorized use, half-tap the tail switch three times within the first three seconds after the laser is on and wait another three seconds to let the the beam turns dim which indicates the laser has been locked

To Unlock
Repeat the same process but half-tap five times instead, wait three seconds after the input 

Driver protections
Our driver also comes with several battery protections: 
over-discharge protection, over-charge protection and reverse polarity protection

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